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Adrienne Arkontaky 



Adrienne Arkontaky, founder and owner has been practicing law for almost 20 years, focusing on her practice on representing individuals with disabilities in special education matters and assisting families plan for the future and securing eligibility for government benefits. She is committed to helping families navigate the challenging landscape of special education, focusing a portion of her practice on servicing students from underserved communities. 

Adrienne understands both personally and professionally the challenges families face when caring for a loved one with disabilities. 

Adrienne's Story

Adrienne Arkontaky has traveled the road of navigating the special education/special needs planning world personally. The mother of three incredible daughters, one with significant medical needs and developmental disabilities.  The birth of her daughter, Jordan in 1992 who is now a resident at the Center for Discovery, led her to pursue a legal career devoted to serving families of loved ones with disabilities.  After graduating from law school, Adrienne pursued a career committed to serving families of loved ones with disabilities, first as a Medicaid Service Coordinator in Westchester NY, after law school as the Pro Bono project coordinator at a major law firm and several long term positions ultimately as the Vice President and Managing Attorney at a special education and special needs law firm with offices in New York and Pennsylvania. 

The Inspiration Behind the Arkontaky Law Group

In these challenging times, there is a profound need for families of loved ones with disabilities to be able to access information.  There is also a need for families of students with special education needs to be able to access special education legal representation regardless of economic circumstances to be able to access legal representation.  In many cases, we are able to represent these families on a sliding scale.  We believe in equal access to justice for all.  

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